SVK issue with properties when dp2mp went into trunk?

Glen Whitney gwhitney at
Mon Jun 18 19:08:52 PDT 2007

To those of you who have an SVK mirror of the macports Subversion  

I noticed today that properties are missing on the files in the  src/ 
macports1.0 directory in my SVK mirror, even though they are there in  
the macports Subversion repository:

$ svk info //mirror/macport/src/macports1.0/macports.tcl
Depot Path: //mirror/macport/src/macports1.0/macports.tcl
Revision: 2466
Last Changed Rev.: 2458
Mirrored From: 
base, Rev. 26188
$ svk proplist //mirror/macport/src/macports1.0/macports.tcl  # Note  
no output
$ svn proplist -r 26188 
Properties on ' 

But properties on previously-existing files are OK:

$ svk proplist //mirror/macport/src/port/port.tcl
Properties on //mirror/macport/src/port/port.tcl:

I suspect an SVK bug when I did the "svk sync //mirror/macports"  
command that went across revision 26177, whereby the properties on  
these new files were not mirrored.  Anybody else notice this issue?   
Even if not, any suggestions how I might get the mirror really  
properly in sync?  I wanted to check with some folks more experienced  
in SVK before I tried to reproduce the problem and/or open an SVK  
ticket (I don't know how many projects I can try to hack on at  
once :-)).

Thanks for any pointers, Glen

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