MacPorts 1.5 timetable

Juan Manuel Palacios jmpp at
Wed Jun 20 17:02:29 PDT 2007

	Evening everyone! Not only is the current diff between trunk and the  
release_1_4 branch a bit large (with some bugfixes and many  
enhancements), but also my merge from the dp2mp-move branch changed  
many things both internally and externally, which only makes the diff  
very much larger.

	I would like to do a new release but that last batch makes me prefer  
a move to 1.5 rather than sticking to the 1.4.x branch. With 1.5 we  
could declare our first completely DarwinPorts free release with a  
new install time organization of MacPorts on the client host,  
described in 
MacPortsRenaming . That may mean a lot to some and very little to  
others, but in any case a fresh start (1.5) is preferable in my opinion.

	I would like to call everyone reading to please test current trunk  
as thoroughly as possible, as the compatibility layer between pre  
dp2mp-move merge and post is quite complex (specifically, the upgrade  
target in base/ I'm specially interested in failure/ 
success reports of trunk installations over an existing pre dp2mp- 
move merge MacPorts installation; I've done a lot of testing  
(revealed by all my commits on the upgrade target) but I'm more than  
certain I've not covered every single possible scenario out there. In  
any case, an upgraded ports.conf file should resemble a macports.conf  
file (its new name) fresh from trunk as much as possible. Do alter me  
if the sed calls in "upgrade" break some local modification you might  
have made to the conf & sources files.

	So test away and let me know how it goes, patches accepted! ;-)



PS: Needless to say, feel free to speak up if you'd like to see some  
new bugfix/feature included in 1.5, there's still time (which, of  
course, means there's no time table defined yet).

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