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Kevin Ballard eridius at macports.org
Mon Jun 25 01:47:31 PDT 2007

Unify takes two trees and merges them into one. Where the trees  
differ, if it's an object file it lipo's them together, otherwise it  
omits the file from the result (because there's no way to reliably  
merge differing non-object files - how can you guarantee that  
whatever way you choose to merge will actually work?).

I don't know offhand how to actually get unify.pl, but I know it's  
part of Mozilla.

-Kevin Ballard

On Jun 25, 2007, at 1:41 AM, Weissmann Markus wrote:

> Do you have any further information on unify.pl? Does it have a web  
> page or some documentation? I wasn't aware of it neither and also  
> missed your previous mails.
> I do not expect though, that we are reinventing the wheel: The  
> requirements that I'd expect Mozilla to have on such a tool differ  
> quite a bunch to ours:
> Mozilla knows what they are building and they know that both builds  
> are "the same" stuff - we don't (e. g. some software may enable  
> features on certain archs).
> We also do not only need to merge two binaries, we also need to  
> test and merge different kind of files, like C header files,  
> pkgconfig files, libraries, etc.
> I'd expect the actual lipo-ing of binaries to be the smallest part  
> on Elias' tool - if that's what unify.pl is doing, I see no problems.
> I'd be happy for more information on unify.pl - searching the net I  
> don't find anything. :/

Kevin Ballard
eridius at macports.org

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