Some questions about the new molden port

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Tue Jun 26 13:51:36 PDT 2007

On 26.06.2007, at 22:47, Jochen Küpper wrote:

> Are Portfiles per definition UTF-8?

Nevermind, I have found it in the man page just now. Sorry for the  
line noise.

However, these questions remain:

> is it ok to add a Local Variables section to the end of the files,  
> so Emacs automatically uses the correct file coding? Like this:
> ## Local Variables:
> ## coding: utf-8
> ## End:
> Moreover, I have agreed with the author of molden to include a  
> banner at the end of the install process to ask the user kindly to  
> register his use of molden. Therefore I have added the following  
> code to the Portfile:
> post-install        { ui_info  
> "**************************************************"
>                       ui_info "In order to keep up support for  
> Molden, proof that"
>                       ui_info "it is being used outside the CMBI is  
> required."
>                       ui_info "Please register your copy of molden  
> at:"
>                       ui_info "*** 
> form.html   ***"
>                       ui_info  
> "**************************************************"
>                     }
> However, this is not printed on my own system. What would be the  
> correct way of doing this?

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