sudo port install glitz +universal

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Wed Jun 27 00:06:21 PDT 2007

On Jun 18, 2007, at 14:45, Ryan Schmidt wrote:

> Since we've confirmed the problem, I've filed a bug:
> I hope that will not be the end of the discussion, though, and that  
> someone will continue thinking about a way to solve the problem...

Just to complete the thread here on the list, in case anyone was  
waiting for the resolution:

I worked around the problem for ports that depend on XFree86 by  
deleting its nonfunctional universal variant. See #12137.

I filed new tickets for what I believe to be bugs in base; I don't  
think I would have run into the original problem if those issues in  
base didn't exist. See #12169 (MacPorts shouldn't evaluate variants  
of non-required dependencies) and #12170 (the default +universal  
variant shouldn't appear in ports where we know it won't work).

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