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Randall Wood rhwood at
Wed Jun 27 02:38:36 PDT 2007

On 27 Jun 2007, at 02:45, Ryan Schmidt wrote:

> On Jun 22, 2007, at 18:13, Randall Wood wrote:
>> Why not distribute the guide in a port?
> Why is that a good idea?

1)	It is eating our own dog food. Distributing it by port means that  
it could be bundled with the .dmg installer and updated through the  
regular port sync ; port upgrade outdated mechanism.

2)	There is a makefile for building the documentation from the XML  
source already. Unfortunately it does not work right now, but I think  
that it should be fairly trivial to get it working again.

3)	The guide never migrated from the servers. We  
haven't had it on the web and there is an open ticket for the ability  
to write static documents in wordpress on that is  
still unaddressed after 9 months.[1] MacPorts controls the port  
distribution chain in a way that we don't control the  

> I read Juan's message as being about encouraging people to create  
> and update the documentation. We already have mechanisms for making  
> it available to people -- export to HTML and put on web site.  
> That's certainly where I would expect the documentation to live.  
> Why do you want it suddenly distributed as a port?

I don't care if it is on the website or in a port, I just want it. If  
we can get it out in a port faster than we can get it on the site  
then we should use a port to distribute it.



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