MacPorts and Summer of Code - first steps

Anant Narayanan anant at
Fri Mar 2 02:58:37 PST 2007

> Approaching google is also something that shouldn't be done ad-hoc by a
> number of people all claiming to represent macports in some way. 
> Someone wearing the portmgr mantle needs to collect all these ideas, get
> some democratic input as to which ideas are truly the best, then
> approach google with the list and try to get added as a SoC project. 
> They need to do it quickly too since we don't have much time.  I
> nominate jmpp.

+1. Someone can create a Wiki page and put all those ideas in it. I
would have done so but I don't have enough privileges.

Also someone (jmpp, pipping, ryan) can prepare a draft application and
finalize it through the ML so that you can send it off by March 5th? I
guess you can pick one program administrator amongst yourselves on IRC
or something :)

/me hopes MacPorts makes it to this years SoC. If you need any help in
convincing Google ping me ;)


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