MacPorts and Summer of Code

Arno Hautala fracai at
Fri Mar 2 13:08:43 PST 2007

On 2007/03/02, at 03:30, Emmanuel Hainry wrote:

> Citando Arno Hautala :
>>> What kind of projects do you have in mind for the Summer of Code
>>> people
>>> to take on?
>> Another task could be to identify outdated ports, those that have
>> recent source available but the Portfiles have not been updated.
>> Some sources might lend themselves to automatically detecting recent
>> versions.  Those with standard versioning in the file name.  This
>> could be a project to add a section to Portfiles which would, in
>> "developer mode", list the installed, available, and source available
>> versions.
> Isn't it the "livecheck" feature?
> port livecheck lbdb
> tells that portfile is for version 0.30 and 0.34 is the current
> available version.

WOW.  Thanks so much.

hmmm, some of these seem to need fixing.  There are those that list  
an installed version greater than the new.

So there's a task :)

Thanks again.

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