MacPorts 1.4 rc2

Paul Guyot pguyot at
Wed Mar 14 20:41:44 PDT 2007

> On 2007-03-15 12:05:03 +0900, Paul Guyot wrote:
>> Please uninstall your other copy of readline and try again.
> I don't want to do that as ports depend on it:

It's not what I meant.
You probably have three copies of readline:
- System's readline
- MP's readline
- Another copy.

This is the other copy that makes MacPorts choke, because of  
diverging priorities in /usr/ & /usr/local between compilation (/usr/ 
include, /usr/local/include) and linking (/usr/lib, /usr/local/lib).  
I'll bet the configure script thinks your system has both old-style  
readline functions and new-style readline functions.


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