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Vincent Lefevre vincent-opdarw at
Thu Mar 15 08:56:19 PDT 2007

On 2007-03-15 23:48:18 +0900, Paul Guyot wrote:
> Basically, you are confusing the behavior of the configure script
> with C_INCLUDE_PATH and LIBRARY_PATH environment variables. There is
> not much we can do except unset those variables in the configuration
> script to prevent this.

These variables are necessary for normal use of MacPorts, e.g. to
compile non-MacPorts software.

Unsetting them in the configure script is not sufficient. You have
to make sure that they are not set when the compiler is executed.
So, in Mk/, there should also be:

CC                      = env -u C_INCLUDE_PATH -u LIBRARY_PATH gcc
TCL_CC                  = env -u C_INCLUDE_PATH -u LIBRARY_PATH gcc -pipe
SHLIB_LD                = env -u C_INCLUDE_PATH -u LIBRARY_PATH cc -dynamiclib ${LDFLAGS}

BTW, I reported the gcc bug here:

> For your information, the bug I was mentioning is quite different. It 
> happens when there is an installation of readline in /usr/local with headers 
> and no library or with headers and a static library. The reason is that gcc 
> looks into /usr/local/include as part of the system includes (and before 
> /usr/include), while ld does not look into /usr/local/lib and even when told 
> to do so, the -L arguments do not form a simple priority chain as static 
> libraries and dynamic libraries are handled differently. In other words, gcc 
> will take the headers of the newer version of readline in /usr/local while 
> ld will take the library from the system installation of readline.

Last time I checked, the gcc from Xcode didn't look at

If ld doesn't look in /usr/local/lib when told to do so: has this
bug reported to Apple?

BTW, some (all?) Linux distributions have the same problem, and
I reported it in the Debian BTS, but no-one is decided to fix it. :(

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