Guido Soranzio guido.soranzio at
Fri Mar 16 01:06:14 PDT 2007

On Mar 16, 2007, at 2:38 AM, Randall Wood wrote:

>> You can still download it from here:
>> <>

> Thank you.

Hi Randall.

Your code to parse the PortIndex has illuminated me!
(There are however some memory leaks since you're
not releasing enough).

Two years ago I tried to develop "Sport", a GUI for
DarwinPorts written using AppleScript Studio, but its
performances were very poor when handling thousands of
table items.

After having had a look at Pallet's code, I was
favorably impressed and began to try to recreate Sport
by copy&pasting some of your ideas. I rapidly came out
with "Guigna" (the name of the smallest cat in the
Americas) and I posted a screenshot at <http://>
so to share some ideas of mines (it's indeed quite a

* a popdown button for filtering the categories;
* an embedded WebView for displaying directly the
   home pages while browsing the ports;
* the support for other systems in order to compare
   the available versions and to have a quick look at
   their makefiles (I am parsing the INDEXes of FreeBSD
   and NetBSD's pkgsrc after downloading their ports.tar.gz);
* a mechanism similar to that of Ubuntu's Synaptic
   (the best package manager of all, in my opinion)
   for marking the modifications to the state of the
   packages before committing the changes in a batch.


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