php5 +memcache

Emory Smith emory.smith at
Mon Mar 19 08:03:40 PDT 2007

oops, ryan ... i goofed.

turns out the macports memcached port is only the daemon and doesnt  
include the php extension.  sorry, i should have made sure it was  
working for me first.  no big deal if you already added the variant  
though -- php works fine without the extension installed (just cant  
use memcache).

anyway, the build for the php extension (requires memcached and a  
phpize) is straightforward.  i will try to submit a portfile for this  
as soon as i get a chance, however ... one thing im not sure about  
here (cc'ing dev in case others have input) ...

should something like this be its own port? or a variant of php? or  

the "memcached" is obviously a completely independent package from  
php, but the memcache php extension is dependent on both.

ive run into this a couple times before too .. for instance, theres a  
port called "syck" (for yaml parsing) thats also independent from  
php, but the php api depends on both php and syck.
been working with yum on fc5 some lately and the solution there is to  
use a different package for every such situation (so you would get  
php-memcache, php-syck, etc), but seems like that might not work so  
well when installing from source.


On Thu, Mar 15  , at , Mar15  11:50 PM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:

> Hi Emory. Sounds like a good idea. I'll add it.
> \r
> On Mar 15, 2007, at 02:26, Emory Smith wrote:
>> hi ryan,
>> wondering if a memcache variant could be added for php4/5?
>> thanks, emory
>> variant memcache {
>>     depends_lib-append port:memcached
>>     configure.args-append --enable-memcache
>> }

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