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Daniel J. Luke dluke at geeklair.net
Mon Mar 19 09:53:43 PDT 2007

On Mar 19, 2007, at 12:25 PM, Randall Wood wrote:
> 1) Do not commit changes against trunk.

you're confused (and so am I).

I use svk, it has improved merge support and adds the svk:merge  
property on trunk/ when I merge things in.

>     A) The email subject lines are totally non-descriptive, reading  
> "[change#] trunk" instead of "[change#] trunk/dports/gnome/ 
> libgnomekbd" as it would if the commit was done in that port's  
> directory instead of in trunk.

Indeed, but that's a bug/feature of SVN::Notify.

>     B) Committing a change in trunk means that you commit every  
> single change you have in the ports tree, not just an atomic change  
> against 1 port. (See para 2 below).

Not necessarily (and I actually committed this change from within the  
SilverCity port directory and I thought that svk only listed my  
change to the Portfile).

> 2) The log message reads: "Version bump, update SilverCity to 0.9.7  
> (fixes #11552, thanks ecronin at gizmolabs.org)" So just what in the  
> h___ are all these patch files against libgnomekbd then? I would  
> not be asking this question if these were committed with comments  
> indicating what the changes do or why I should want them. (See para  
> 1.B above).

I'm not sure why svk decided to add those files (I haven't done any  
work on any gnome ports). I have no idea where they came from either  
(are they perhaps old patch files that for some reason svk decided to  

I'm sorry I somehow mistakenly added these files to your port,  
(fortunately they don't really do anything as there's not a  
patchfiles line in the Portfile) I'll remove them.

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