MacPorts 1.4, final call for feedback

Juan Manuel Palacios jmpp at
Fri Mar 23 10:46:00 PDT 2007

	MacPorts 1.4 has been in rc status for a while now and, as far as I 
can recall, not a single issue has been reported against it. This is 
because, either:

a) There are *no* issues in MacPorts 1.4 (not likely in any piece of 
software I've ever seen), in which case we should be OK to go with the 
final release;


b) None of us has done enough testing (most likely), in which case, 
unfortunately, our wider general user base will have to serve as our 
test bed, 'cause it doesn't make any sense to keep holding things back 

	In any case, I plan to do the final release on Monday, which should 
give us all two full days (and a half) to test the last mile and report 
any findings. If you do come about any bug(s), please by all means file 
a ticket for it (them) under the 1.4 milestone ("base" component).

	Also, feel free to object to this timeline if you have any strong and 
compelling arguments against it (but I warn you, your arguments have to 
be strong, 1.4 has been cooking for long already ;-). If b) above 
happens to be the case, we can always do quick 1.4.x minor releases, so 
last minute small bugs shouldn't be show stoppers. I can only see 
major, somehow previously unnoticed bugs in our 1.4 sources delaying 
the release now, but those are very unlikely at this point too (maybe 
little, I don't know, but at least *some* testing has taken place).

	Regards to all and thanks for your work on MacPorts 1.4!


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