Always add -L${prefix}/lib, -I${prefix}/include?

Elias Pipping pipping at
Sat Mar 24 21:27:07 PDT 2007

On Mar 25, 2007, at 6:14 AM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:

> In what version of MacPorts will that be released? I would think  
> that we cannot clean up portfiles until the code is released to the  
> general population. Including it with 1.4 would be ideal, since  
> that's about to be released... but it should clearly be tested  
> first, perhaps in a 1.4rc3 release, which should then bake for  
> awhile. So this would delay the final release of 1.4 by a little  
> bit. But I think it would be well worth it to finally be able to  
> start making some headway on universal builds without having to  
> duplicate so much stuff in the portfiles.

Sorry, but I beg to differ. I think 1.4 really shouldn't be delayed  
any more. Sounds like a good idea for 1.4.1, though, which could be  
released anytime after 1.4 is out.



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