php extension naming scheme

Mark Duling mark.duling at
Mon Mar 26 18:22:01 PDT 2007

>> How would php_yaz know whether to build for php4 or php5? Would  
>> there be variants? Or would there be two ports, php4_yaz and  
>> php5_yaz? I think the latter is how the Python extensions are being  
>> done but I don't exactly know why that's better than using variants.
>> See also the recent discussion about being able to "select" which  
>> version of php (python, gcc, etc.) you want to use.
>the lesson learned from the python ports is: use a version prefix  
>from the beginning. The current problems with "which version of  
>Python is a py- port for?" stems from the idea, that we will always  
>have a selected Python version  that is our macports-system Python.
>For the PHP ports, I'd say lets do it right from the start: Do the  
>naming with "php4-name" and "php5-name".
>This also has the advantage that a user can test his PHP stuff with  
>both versions simultaneously w/o needing to activate and reactivate a  
>bunch of ports.
>I exptect us to get a clean solution to not having to keep full  
>copies of two ports for both php4 and php5 ports with the GSoC tasks.  
>But for now, let's just duplicate them and keep our collection easy  
>to understand at first glance. (unlike the current python state)

Ok, I've got a port ready for an rrdtool extension to PHP5.  Following
what you've said, I'm going to call it "www/php5-rrdtool".


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