Problem with patchfiles (same name for different versions)

Anders F Björklund afb at
Mon Sep 3 07:20:04 PDT 2007

N_Ox wrote:

>>> The problem is that patches are not stored in a subdirectory that
>>> depends on the version. So, there is a clash if I want to declare
>>> patch01 as a new patchfile for mpfr-2.3.0. What is the recommended
>>> solution?
>> Usually the patch files are overwritten along with the Portfile.
>> So you have one set of Portfile + files for each version/release.
>> And when you add the new distfile for the new version of the port,
>> the old distfile is removed at the same time (usually same commit)
> I think he's talking about patches fetched from remote sources.

Okay, then it will fall into the "what to do when upstream does not
have versioned files" category. As in: they probably need renaming.

e.g. patch01 -> mpfr-2.3.0-patch01


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