Infrastructure requests

Juan Manuel Palacios jmpp at
Mon Sep 3 10:11:41 PDT 2007

	Hello all!

	I recently created a page listing what I believe are the top  
priority infrastructure requests we have for our Mac OS Forge host,

	Per the introductory text in there:

	"When thinking about a functionality you may desire at the server  
level, keep in mind that Mac OS Forge is not only shared with other  
projects but also that it does not have a staff of dedicated system  
administrators to cater to every single request. Therefore please  
refrain from submitting any infrastructure related ticket before  
presenting a valid case for it on the MacPorts development list and  
gathering at least some consensus over your proposal. Generally  
speaking, it's best to channel such requests through the MacPorts  
management team (jberry, jmpp & mww), since they are the ones in most  
frequent communication with Mac OS Forge admin personnel and as a  
result have a better feel for the state of current infrastructure and/ 
or pending requests."

	So please do feel free to brainstorm over what I listed on that page  
and the tickets I linked, but also please do discuss here any  
modifications you might want to make to it or new request tickets you  
might want to submit.

	Thanks for your help in streamlining our feedback channels with our  
very kind host ;-) Regards,...


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