ghostscript and X11

Emmanuel Hainry ehainry at
Thu Sep 6 09:20:29 PDT 2007

Citando N_Ox :
> Hello,
> As the recent discussions on this list concluded, each port should enable 
> by default most of the features common user may want.
> Another thing i believe would be good is that lib ports with doxygen 
> documentation should have a doc variant that build it.
> But, one thing i don't understand is that if you want to build doxygen, you 
> must install X11 for the ghostscript dependency.
> Shouldn't ghostscript X11 support be a variant of the port?
> I don't think users who are just willing to build some API documentation 
> want X11 installed.

People who install ghostscript as a dependency for teTeX are likely to
prefer it linked with X11 libraries. I thought that doxygen had a pdf
backend that would not rely on ghostscript, but it seems (according to
port deps) that it relies on TeX, so...)

ghostscript being used by different projects which target different
audiences, the most feature-rich it is the less unhappy people there
should be.

However, a no_x11 (or disable_x11_support as some may prefer) variant
should be possible to implement.


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