Problem with the repository: bogus date

Rainer Müller raimue at
Fri Sep 7 09:43:25 PDT 2007

Landon Fuller wrote:
> On Sep 4, 2007, at 12:03 PM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>>> Very sorry! That was my fault. I've now fixed the svn:date property
>>> of revision 2 so the log should work again. The timestamp of revision
>>> 1 and revision 3 are identical, so I set revision 2 to that same
>>> timestamp.
>>> (I issued a bad "svn propset" command the other day. I was meaning to
>>> change my own repo but I was missing an argument or something and
>>> then I couldn't figure out what I'd done. I must've been in my dports
>>> tree when I issued the command.)
>> Oh, and I wanted to say: if we had the post-revprop-change email hook,
>> I would've noticed and been able to fix the problem right away. :-)
> Maybe the repository shouldn't allow unrevisioned property changes at
> all? It seems like a good way to stomp on version history.

It's nice to fix typos in log messages. But it could be limited to
svn:log for that purpose with a pre-revprop-change like this:



if [ "$PROPNAME" = "svn:log" ]; then exit 0; fi
exit 1


This allows changes to svn:log only while rejecting changes to other
unversioned revision properties.


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