[28120] trunk/dports/lang/python24/Portfile

Anders F Björklund afb at macports.org
Sat Sep 8 03:53:12 PDT 2007

>> This change will break ports that depends on "python24" and then try 
>> to use the "python" binary, either directly with 
>> #!/opt/local/bin/python or with e.g. #!/usr/bin/env python.
> The first couple of casualties of this change are starting to come in, 
> people are building py-gtk (or something that depends on it) and find 
> it is getting linked with Python 2.3. Since /opt/local/bin/python is 
> now gone, configure will pick up /usr/bin/python instead and go from 
> there...

I fixed an unrelated issue with python24/python25 (#12221, was calling 
/usr/local/bin/python) but left the revision untouched since I didn't 
want to break python24 for our old users - that priviledge is being 
reserved for new users.


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