MacPorts Docs Strategy - Proposal

markd at markd at
Sat Sep 8 10:02:46 PDT 2007

Anders F Björklund <afb at> writes:
>> 5) After ensuring that the guide and the wiki have within them all the
>> notes from various text files within trunk, delete these legacy 
>> documents.
>>  base/doc/INTERNALS, trunk, base/HACKING, etc.
>I think it would be good to have the traditional README and LICENSE 
>Maybe even an INSTALL file, even if all it does is say "look at the 

I agree.
>The other ones can be docbookized, but it would be nice if there was an
>offline copy of the internal documentation included with the source 
>code ?

I'm not sure if by "internal" you are including the guide, but I think
that would be a good idea too.

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