[28857] trunk/dports/python

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Mon Sep 10 03:17:55 PDT 2007

On Sep 10, 2007, at 05:06, Anders F Björklund wrote:

> Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>> It would be better in these cases to
>> $ cd dports/python
>> $ svn cp py-checker py25-checker
>> $ cd py25-checker
>> and then edit Portfile and commit. This way the history is  
>> preserved in the repository (someone looking at "svn log" sees the  
>> history of py-checker, someone using "svn blame" sees why the  
>> lines were originally added in py-checker), and also only a diff  
>> against py-checker needs to be stored (and not the complete  
>> portfile and patchfiles again).
> Oh, definitely! Is there anyway to undo it now and start over ? (I  
> did a couple of ports, since pygtk doesn't work for Python 2.4  
> anymore I supposedly have to update everything and their dog to  
> Python 2.5 now, as far as I can tell)

Let's see... well, the versions you committed are already occupying  
(a little) space in the repository, and it's never possible to  
permanently remove anything from the repository. But one could go  
back and do it again to hook up the history, which would be nice.  
That would be, for example (typed from memory so I hope there's no  

$ cd dports/python
$ cp py25-checker/Portfile py25-checker-Portfile
$ svn rm py25-checker
$ svn ci py25-checker -m "py25-checker: removing port; will be re- 
added with history"
$ svn cp py-checker py25-checker
$ mv py25-checker-Portfile py25-checker/Portfile
$ svn ci py25-checker -m "py25-checker: re-adding with history"

This is assuming you only changed the Portfile, of course, and not  
any of the files, but if you did change the files, then you see how  
you would carry those over as well.

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