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N_Ox n.oxyde at gmail.com
Mon Sep 10 03:39:24 PDT 2007

Le 10 sept. 07 à 10:17, Anders F Björklund a écrit :

>> Need to go through all the ports using the "cd" command,
>> and change that (copy/paste?) before the next release.
>> The most common usage seems to be to change the working directory
>> to ${worksrcpath}, to shorten e.g. globs down. Oh well, long it is.
> On second thought, that seems to turn up around 450 (!) ports
> on the first little grep (some might be "system cd", but)...
> Why can't "cd" just remain in Portfiles ? Or even better, why
> can't it just be set to the ${worksrcpath} in the first place ?

`system -W ${worksrcpath} command` would be nice instead of `system  
"cd ${worksrcpath} && command"`.
It would also be consistent with xinstall -W parameter.

Anthony Ramine, the infamous MacPorts Trac slave.
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