Xfce 4.4.1

Anders F Björklund afb at macports.org
Thu Sep 20 06:27:53 PDT 2007

Harley Laue wrote:

>  It looks as though the MacPorts version of Xfce 4 is out of date 
> (well, it's up-to-date for the 4.2.x branch, but not for the current 
> stable 4.4.x branch.) I took some time and updated xfce to 4.4.1. If 
> anyone would be willing to look it over and give any pointers to 
> things that might need cleaned up it'd be appreciated (exo comes to 
> mind.) You'll need to remove the following before extracting the 
> attachment:
>  x11/Terminal
>  x11/*xfce*
>  x11/xfwm*
>  x11/xfdesktop
>  x11/xfprint
>  devel/*xfce*
>  There may be a few other

I'm taking on this task, as Ticket #12749  ("Updating xfce") in Trac.

Seems like a good addition/enhancement to have in place for MP 1.6.0

>  I arranged these into their own xfce group to keep all the xfce 
> programs/libraries in one directory (similar to how gnome/kde/zope/etc 
> are grouped.)  This made the most sense to me so I could at least 
> easily find them when working on them.

Yes, it deserves to be a new top category. Copying the old ports there.

>  Just a few notes, very little was actually used from the previous 
> ports, there's bit and pieces and I wasn't thinking when I was  doing 
> some cleaning up  that I should have  probably left the original 
> contributor/maintainer's name there (even though most were 
> nomaintainer at macports.org) I think xfprint was one  of the only ones 
> to still have a maintainer's name included with it.

Looking at your portfiles, but will probably clean them up a bit...


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