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Mon Sep 24 10:52:07 PDT 2007

Le 24 sept. 07 à 19:20, Yves de Champlain a écrit :

> Hi
> I'm doing some tests with gtk-quartz.  Many hours of genuine  
> delight garanteed.
> Now, gtk-quartz does not need Xft2 and xrender.  So I made the  
> quartz variant remove those deps.  But "port upgrade" will try to  
> install them anyway.  So I thought of this.  I could make quartz  
> variants for those ports to make them install barely a receipt.   
> Some sort of stub.  But it seems like a cheesy solution to me.
> Any advice ?
> thanks
> yves

Maybe it's not really MacPorts wanting to install them on `port  
did you run this command in the Portfile directory?
If that's what you've done, `port upgrade` ignore the Portfile in the  
current directory, so the one getting sourced by MacPorts is the one  
in the rsync tree, the one which depends on Xft2 and xrender.

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