Ticket #14796 (pike): please commit

Guido Soranzio guido.soranzio at gmail.com
Tue Apr 1 05:32:54 PDT 2008

Jordan K. Hubbard wrote:
 > You need to read my entire message again, making a more
 > sincere attempt to understand it this time. Everything you're
 > asking for comes from creating that infrastructure.

I have already expressed my specific current efforts: I am
not interested in the integrity of hundreds semiabandoned
portfiles and in writing scripts to traverse them. I was trying
just to build Gnome 2.22 from scratch, following the dependencies
as for the official sources:


I installed jhbuild and graphwiz since I preferred to run
"jhbuild dot | dot -Tpng > dependencies.png" instead of
continuing making by hand <http://trac.macosforge.org/projects/macports/wiki/gui_dos 

I am blocked now at evolution-data-server and I can't afford
to compile again and again WebKit, firefox-x11 and seamonkey
for hours just for testing the last commits: I only suggested
that the proven committers, who had already compiled and tested
an archived binary, could make it available to the other committers
so to speed the approval of the accumulating tickets: I didn't
beg for free hosting on Apple's servers but for the URLs of prebuilt
archives created by and for committers.


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