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Daniel J. Luke dluke at geeklair.net
Wed Apr 2 18:25:31 PDT 2008

On Apr 2, 2008, at 6:58 PM, James Berry wrote:
>> Passing the -L -I PKG_CONFIG_PATH etc flags to link to the stuff in  
>> the
>> depot will have absolutely no effect on the resulting binary, making
>> such a change, imo, pointless, older versions of things will still be
>> broken when you update some dependency.
> I also worry about cases like when A links against B and C. B was  
> linked against D.version1 while C was linked against D.version2.  
> Thus when A loads, it pulls in two (?) potentially incompatible  
> versions of D?

How about when someone discovers a security vulnerability in D and  
upstream only fixes it in Version 2 (which was ABI incompatible with  
version 1 and has changed so much that you can't simply diff & patch  
to use the fix on version 1)?

We still end up needing to re-link everything that was linked against  
D version 1 so that it uses D version 2 + security patch.

MacPorts is already pretty weak when dealing with the dependency  
graph, making the graph significantly more complicated won't help  
things here (I'd like to be proven wrong, though :) ).

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