scrollkeeper and rarian

Randall Wood randall.h.wood at
Thu Apr 10 02:35:53 PDT 2008


Recently, the GNOME developers wrote a replacement for scrollkeeper
named rarian. rarian is a drop-in replacement for scrollkeeper with
the advantage of continuing active development and support as well as
other under-the-hood improvements.

Unfortunately, it has caused some problems on MacPorts, in that rarian
and scrollkeeper conflict on our system. Here is a workaround:

1) make sure everything is update in the ports tree:

sudo port sync

2) determine the state of these ports on your system:

port installed rarian scrollkeeper

If everything is as it should be, you'll see this:
The following ports are currently installed:
  rarian @0.8.0_0 (active)
  scrollkeeper @0.3.14_6

or this:
The following ports are currently installed:
  rarian @0.8.0_0 (active)

or this:
None of the specified ports are installed.

3) If you see anything other than those three statements, copy the
following command to a terminal window and run it:

sudo port -f uninstall scrollkeeper ; sudo port install rarian ; sudo
port activate rarian

NOTE: Once rarian is installed and active, scrollkeeper may be safely
removed at any time

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