[39023] trunk/base

Anders F Björklund afb at macports.org
Wed Aug 6 04:21:38 PDT 2008

Ryan Schmidt:

>> A matter of conventions, I suppose. I normally have "NEWS" as the
>> user-readable, and ChangeLog for development.
>> The version control log is more like "end of day commit, fix typo,
>> oops move that function, missed a file" etc.
> Hmm. Indeed, we do have a NEWS file with a much more concise  
> summary of changes.
> So what is the ChangeLog good for then, since anyone interested in  
> detailed changes can consult the Subversion log? I seem to remember  
> a discussion about this before... Let's see...

I think there's a rather good level of detail between the
different files, ranging from Release Notes to NEWS file
to ChangeLog file to the Subversion commit comments...

For this time I think we can leave the Leopard Tcl env
issues as one bullet in the ChangeLog, but otherwise I
would prefer to have it "grow" over it being edited ?


PS. This isn't really specific to the MacPorts project.
If you look at other projects, you'll see more examples.

Some just have the change log being a time/file dump
as outputted by the VCS, others a simple bullet list.

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