[39093] trunk/dports/databases/freetds

Marcus Calhoun-Lopez mcalhoun at macports.org
Fri Aug 8 03:36:31 PDT 2008

Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at ...> writes:
> Looks like previously the patches were applied only for darwin 7, 8,  
> and 9. Now you're applying the changes to all operating systems. Are  
> these changes appropriate for operating systems other than Mac OS X?  
> Did you determine why the patches were previously only being applied  
> for darwin 7, 8, and 9?

I was unable to determine why theses patches were needed.
A short history:
*) All traces of ${worksrcpath}/src/replacements/libreplacements.la
    are removed from Makefiles
    (henceforth known as the patches) for darwin 7 only (in r4268).
*) patches extended to darwin 8 (in r3343).
    This was part of a version update, and it was not entirely clear why the
    darwin 8 needed the patches.
*) There was some discussion of removing the patches, but since they weren't
    causing problems, it was decided that they should stay (in #10960).
*) darwin 9 required glibtool, and the fix also included the patches (in r30584).
    It is possible that the darwin 7 platform was copied verbatim without worrying
    about whether everything was needed.

freetds has been an orphan for three years.
It is possible that the patches are not needed at all
(freetds builds on my system without them).

To answer your question, I can not see any reason why
would only be objectionable only on Mac OS X and not on other platforms.


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