dep_map duplicate removal script

Rainer Müller raimue at
Fri Aug 8 11:44:58 PDT 2008

Joshua Root wrote:
> To fully resolve the issues with duplicate dependency map entries 
> reported in <>, I've attached a 
> small script that will remove existing duplicates. It should be run by 
> the postflight script in future MP binary packages, and on selfupdate 
> too if we can figure out a way of doing that.

If I remembery correctly, your concern was that it needs to run in the 
newly installed version. We could fork a new process of the newly 
installed port in 'make install' to apply the changes to the dep_map. 
The dep_map should not be opened by the selfupdate process, so this 
should be safe and should not lead to any deadlocks.

> I'm not sure where it should live though, both in the source tree and 
> when installed. Any suggestions?

I would compare this to the name upgrade from DarwinPorts to MacPorts 
which moved several files from old to new locations. This upgrade was 
only implemented in the 'make install' target. Did anybody need to run 
it manually but was not able to do so?

As duplicate entries should not happen again with your patch in the next 
release, I don't think it is necessary to install the script. It could 
be installed, but I don't know who is supposed to run the script manually.


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