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Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Thu Aug 21 10:48:18 PDT 2008

On Aug 21, 2008, at 12:04, markd at macports.org wrote:

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>> Author:   ryandesign at macports.org
>> Date:     2008-08-20 12:56:20 -0700 (Wed, 20 Aug 2008)
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>> installing.xml: list the latest versions of Xcode
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>>    trunk/doc-new/guide/xml/installing.xml
>> Modified: trunk/doc-new/guide/xml/installing.xml
>> ===================================================================
>> --- trunk/doc-new/guide/xml/installing.xml      2008-08-20  
>> 19:54:19 UTC
>> (rev 39457)
>> +++ trunk/doc-new/guide/xml/installing.xml      2008-08-20  
>> 19:56:20 UTC
>> (rev 39458)
>> @@ -110,7 +110,10 @@
>>         url="http://developer.apple.com/tools/xcode/">Xcode
>> Tools</ulink> from
>>         Apple's developer site?do not install it from a Mac OS X  
>> install
>> disk
>>         unless you've checked for the latest version on Apple's site;
>> older
>> -        versions of Xcode Tools often cause port install  
>> failures.</para>
>> +        versions of Xcode Tools often cause port install  
>> failures. The
>> latest
>> +        versions at the time of this writing are Xcode 3.1 for  
>> Mac OS X
>> 10.5
>> +        Leopard, Xcode 2.5 for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, and Xcode 1.5  
>> for
>> Mac OS X
>> +        10.3 Panther.</para>
>>       </listitem>
> Hi Ryan,
> Personally, I'd prefer directing users to the place where the  
> latest Xcode
> version is listed for the current OS (10.5) since it is a moving  
> target.
> Otherwise we fix the guide in time more than absolutely necessary and
> commit ourselves to updating the guide for Apple updates anywhere such
> references are made.   Also, saying "at the time of writing" seems  
> not to
> help since there isn't a way to know what time that is for that  
> particular
> text snippet, so it almost invites putting the date in parenthesis.
> I see that Apple's developer site now has a button named "Download  
> Latest
> Xcode"    http://developer.apple.com/tools/xcode/
> So I favor something like I pasted below.  I can't even find Xcode  
> 1.5 on
> Apple's site (though it must be there somewhere), and since we don't
> officially support 10.3 anymore I don't think anything needs to be  
> said on
> that.
> ---------------------
> Download and install the latest version of Xcode Tools by clicking the
> button "Download Latest Xcode" here:
> (http://developer.apple.com/tools/xcode/).  Do not install Xcode Tools
> from a Mac OS X install DVD unless you verify that you are  
> installing the
> latest version as listed on Apple's developer site; older versions  
> often
> cause port install failures.
> If you are installing MacPorts on Mac OS X 10.4, download and install
> Xcode 2.5
> (http://connect.apple.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/MemberSite.woa/wa/ 
> getSoftware?bundleID=19907)
> ---------------------
> How does that seem?

I made the change specifically in response to a user who was confused  
when Xcode 2 did not work with Leopard, because he couldn't find a  
newer version on Apple's site:


He went to ADC: Downloads: Mac OS X. The latest version I find there  
is 2.2.1.

Now, you and I know to go to ADC: Downloads: Developer Tools instead,  
which is where all versions of the Developer Tools (except Xcode 2.0)  
are located, going back to the December 2002 Developer Tools for  
Jaguar before it was even called Xcode. But if a user doesn't know  
that Xcode 2.2.1 isn't the latest, they won't go looking for a newer  

I don't like the "Download Latest Xcode" button because it only gives  
you the latest Xcode for Leopard; it doesn't give you the latest  
Xcode for Tiger or Panther. I do want to continue supporting Panther  
as much as possible. I know we have at least one active Panther user  
on the list. I see no reason to cut off support for Panther at this  

I agree "as of this writing" isn't good without a date, and that I  
shouldn't have created the situation where we have to update the  
Guide with "latest" information about Xcode releases, even if they  
are infrequent. Instead, how about we list a minimum Xcode version?  
The minimum supported Xcode version for MacPorts is 3.0 on Leopard,  
2.4 on Tiger and 1.5 on Panther, as seen in the MacPorts configure  

case "$XCODE_VERSION" in
     AC_WARN(This version of Xcode Tools is not supported)
     AC_WARN(Please upgrade at http://connect.apple.com/)
     AC_WARN(This version of Xcode Tools is out of date)
     AC_WARN(Please consider upgrading as some ports fail compiling)
     dnl Supported version



How about this text?

         <para>Install the latest version of Xcode Tools. The minimum  
         which are supported for use with MacPorts are Xcode 3.0 on  
Mac OS X
         10.5 Leopard, Xcode 2.4 on Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, and Xcode  
1.5 on
         Mac OS X 10.3 Panther. If your Mac OS X install disc has an  
         version of Xcode Tools, don't use it—older versions of Xcode  
         often cause port install failures. Instead, download the  
latest version
         from <ulink url="http://connect.apple.com/">Apple Developer
         Connection</ulink> &gt; Downloads &gt; Developer Tools.</para>

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