how do I specify a specific framework version on OS X?

Erick Tryzelaar erickt at
Wed Aug 27 22:16:35 PDT 2008

I'm trying to get py25-sip to link properly on my leopard machine.
Since leopard comes with 2.5.1, I run into version conflicts trying to
use macports python 2.5.2. Since I can't rely on python_select
python25 being set, I need to figure out how to do this without it
being set. As a consequence of this, the current version symlinks in
${prefix}/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework are not set up. So, when
I specify:

-F {prefix}/Library/Frameworks -framework Python

It's just using apple's version of python. Is there any way around
this? I've tried using "-current_version 2.5 -compatibility_version
2.5.2" but sip builds a bundle and they apparently don't support
setting the version using this technique. Anyone know of a better way
to do this?

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