openvpn2: "Cannot allocate TUN/TAP dev dynamically"

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Thu Aug 28 01:36:59 PDT 2008


I would also like to see TUN/TAP drivers in MacPorts.
After a quick look on the Makefile in the git repository the Portfile should

use_configure    no
(because there is no configure)

I'm not sure where to put the kext files. If we put it in the usual
/Library/Extensions folder we need:

destroot.args    BASE=${destroot}
(the Makefile uses BASE instead of DESTDIR)

This would cause a mtree violation. Thus we need:
destroot.violate_mtree    yes

The next issues are the StartupItems. The Makefile provides an own way to
create the items, but we could also use MacPorts StartupItems.

At the end I would suggest to not include the drivers in openvpn port,
because there are also other tools which use TUN/TAP.



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> Caspar Florian Ebeling wrote:
> > Is anyone using openvpn2 sucessfully? After all that I was able
> > to google up, there is an additional driver necessary for /dev/tun
> > or tap, which is said to be included in Tunnelblick, a Cocoa UI
> > over openvpn.
> The tun/tap modules are available at:
> This might be an interesting candidate for a new port. I feel a bit
> out of my depth here, though, installing kexts and all. Also the Makefile
> has to convinced about a few things like PREFIX. Anyone?
> If we have it, it should probably be integrated with openvpn/openvpn2
> to make that usable as a client. (Or is it needed for server side as well?)
> Florian
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