Contrib area (was: Re: MacPorts AutoBuild)

Rainer Müller raimue at
Wed Jul 2 17:47:54 PDT 2008

Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> The page says MPAB is to be downloaded from the attachment on that  
> wiki page. Why not put it in the repository somewhere, like in /users/ 
> blb?

Maybe we should create a 'contrib area' in our repository? That would be 
another directory like /trunk/contrib or /trunk/tools for stuff like this.

I consider /users to be the private room of developers and I don't want 
to tread on someones toes by committing there (of course it's a path 
like any other, but still there is some psychological barrier...).

We currently have some stuff lying around which is not necessarily bound 
to only one user and could therefore be on a more prominent place. Also, 
this might attract more developers to work on it.

I suggest to move the following things from other places
into a 'contrib area':

   * MPWA (from /users/jberry/mpwa/)
   * MPAB (from the wiki)
   * select (used for {gcc,python}_select, from /users/mww/select)
   * MacPorts Framework [1]
   * Pallet (from /users/rhwood/Pallet)

[1] I assume that the plans are to put the framework into base
     once it is finished. George is currently working in
     his own branch on it, so it would be better to delay this.

Of course I understand if someone wants total control over his project 
(and rather wants to see patches than commits from others), this could 
remain in the /users space.



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