lang/ruby: ignore minor system version for archdir, like Apple's Ruby

kimura wataru kimuraw at
Thu Jul 3 14:36:16 PDT 2008

Hi, I'm a maintainer of lang/ruby.

I'm planning to change the Portfile of lang/ruby to ignore minor 
system version for "archdir", like Apple's Ruby.

Ruby uses "archdir" to define install destination of extension
modules, such as "RMagick.bundle". I think it is not convenient 
to need to re-install ruby libraries (port:rb-*) which includes 
extension module(s) for minor upgrade of MacOS X.

Please tell me your thoughts and issues about this change.

 10.4.11-> i686-darwin8.11.0
 10.5.1 -> i686-darwin9.1.0
 10.5.3 -> i686-darwin9.3.0

 10.4.11-> i686-darwin8.0
 10.5.1 -> i686-darwin9.0
 10.5.3 -> i686-darwin9.0

I tested with the following change and got a good result.

Index: lang/ruby/Portfile
--- lang/ruby/Portfile	(revision 37739)
+++ lang/ruby/Portfile	(working copy)
@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
 name			ruby
 version			1.8.7-p22
-revision		2
+revision		3
 categories		lang ruby
 maintainers		kimuraw
@@ -49,6 +49,8 @@
 				--enable-pthread \
 				--without-tk \
+# ignore minor version for archdir, like i686-darwin9.0
+configure.env	UNAME_RELEASE=${os.major}.0	install install-doc
 post-destroot {

kimura wataru

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