lang/ruby: ignore minor system version for archdir, like Apple's Ruby

Caspar Florian Ebeling florian.ebeling at
Fri Jul 4 01:27:16 PDT 2008

Hi Kimuraw,

welcome from my side as well!

> I'm planning to change the Portfile of lang/ruby to ignore minor
> system version for "archdir", like Apple's Ruby.
> Ruby uses "archdir" to define install destination of extension
> modules, such as "RMagick.bundle". I think it is not convenient
> to need to re-install ruby libraries (port:rb-*) which includes
> extension module(s) for minor upgrade of MacOS X.
> Please tell me your thoughts and issues about this change.

Sounds like a good idea to me.

> before:
>  10.4.11-> i686-darwin8.11.0
>  10.5.1 -> i686-darwin9.1.0
>  10.5.3 -> i686-darwin9.3.0
> after:
>  10.4.11-> i686-darwin8.0
>  10.5.1 -> i686-darwin9.0
>  10.5.3 -> i686-darwin9.0

Actually, one thing, what does the .0 stand for?
Wouldn't it be less confusing just to cut everything
off after the major version? Because the real Darwin
version is something else; there the teeny of OS X
becomes the minor of Darwin, like here 10.4.11 = 8.11,
10.5.4 = 9.4, etc. But this below would result in the same
behaviour and be true to Darwin numbers:

10.4.11-> i686-darwin8
10.5.1 -> i686-darwin9
10.5.3 -> i686-darwin9


Florian Ebeling
florian.ebeling at

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