checking for swig variants in a pre-fetch hook

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Fri Jul 4 11:22:53 PDT 2008

On Jul 4, 2008, at 12:08, Landon Fuller wrote:

> On Jul 3, 2008, at 11:25 PM, Adam Mercer wrote:
>> The recent changes to the swig port have broken the scipy build on
>> Tiger, essentially the problem is that scipy requires the python
>> variant of swig to be installed.
> Swig's variants:
> 	swig 1.3.36, devel/swig (Variants: universal, doc, python, perl,  
> gcj, guile, mzscheme, ruby, php4, ocaml, pike, lua, chicken,  
> allegro, clisp, r)
> Why not enable some of these by default? Having none of them  
> enabled makes swig useless, seems like defaulting to:
> 	- python
> 	- perl
> 	- ruby
> 	- php4
> Would be a good start.

Why is there a php4 variant but not a php5 variant?

Enabling php4 by default would cause all swig users to have to  
install php4. php4 is pretty much obsolete. The last normal release  
of php4 was made 2008-01-03 and after 2008-08-08 there will be no  
more releases of php4 at all. php5 is the current version. php5 and  
php4 cannot be installed at the same time (with the way the ports are  
set up currently).

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