checking for swig variants in a pre-fetch hook

Jordan K. Hubbard jkh at
Fri Jul 4 13:04:08 PDT 2008

On Jul 4, 2008, at 9:01 AM, Joshua Root wrote:

>>> if {![llen [glob -nocomplain ${prefix}/share/swig/*/python/ 
>>> python.swg]]}
>> Still not working quite right, the error is now:
>> --->  Fetching py25-scipy
>> Error: Target org.macports.fetch returned: invalid command name  
>> "llen"
>> Error: Status 1 encountered during processing.
>> removing the -nocomplain flag results in the previous error.
> Oh right, Tcl doesn't let you do that with the ! operator. Either
> compare the length to 0 like so:


% if {![llen {}]} {puts "empty"} else {puts "not empty"}
% if {![llen {one two}]} {puts "empty"} else {puts "not empty"}
not empty

I'm not sure why Adam sees that particular error (I don't know the  
containing expression) but you're also right in saying that catching  
the glob is probably the most straight-forward approach.  I just don't  
like to see Tcl's operators unfairly maligned like this. :-)

- Jordan

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