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William Davis frstan at
Sun Jul 6 07:29:37 PDT 2008

Randall, given that ringing endorsement, don't you think we ought to  
FIX the INSTALL error?
We may get a lot of new people trying MacPorts out who are not on this  
Wm Davis
On Jul 6, 2008, at 5:15 AM, Randall Wood wrote:

> A quote from the Mozilla Developers[1]:
> "There are two package management systems that are compatible with the
> Mozilla build system, Fink and MacPorts (formerly DarwinPorts). Note
> that package installation may be a time-consuming but automated
> process using either tool.
> MacPorts, formerly DarwinPorts. You may download the MacPorts
> installer corresponding to your operating system release. MacPorts
> installs in /opt/local by default. After running the MacPorts
> installer, the changes that it makes to the shell environment will be
> available in any new Terminal window.
> fink (not recommended)."
> [1]:
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