MacPorts.Framework MidTerm Evaluation Release for Feedback

George Armah armahg at
Sun Jul 13 15:02:31 PDT 2008

Hello all,
Google Summer of Code mid term evaluations are due on July 14th. So it 
doesn't seem
like I have / was / had been working in the dark all summer I thought it 
would be fitting
to release an MidTerm Evaluation version of the current Framework along 
with its
attendant Documentation.

Please note that the current Framework HAS NOT BEEN THOROUGHLY TESTED.
I am looking for any and all kinds of feedback e.g. basic functionality 
that might be lacking,
design changes. Also, you can look at the code in my
svn repo 
if you are interested in implementation details. Please let me know of 
any glaring mistakes.

Functionality for Notifications, Authorizations and a thorough Testing 
Bundle are the main things that are yet to
be added to the Framework. I have been keeping "track" of my work here for those who are interested.

There is
a .dmg 
and a .zip 
available for download.

You can send feedback to armahg at or simply reply to this thread.

Thanks in advance,


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