Adding distfiles to the repository (was: Re: iso-codes 3.1 cannot download)

William Siegrist wsiegrist at
Thu Jul 17 14:50:50 PDT 2008

On Jul 17, 2008, at 2:35 PM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:

> List,
> I'm bringing this discussion to the list from private mail between me
> and Blair Zajac:
> On Jul 17, 2008, at 16:18, Blair Zajac wrote:
>> Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>>> On Jul 17, 2008, at 11:57, Blair Zajac wrote:
>>>> Hi Ryan,
>>>> Do you have a copy of the iso-codes-3.1.tar.gz we can put up in
>>>> the svn repos? Right now the
>>>> pub/pkg-isocodes/ URL isn't loading at all and at some sites,
>>>> such as my port, we cannot use ftp:// URLs and only http:// URLs,
>>>> so having this in our repos would make it work there.
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Blair
>>> I'll fix this. See #15981.
>> I put the tarball into our svn dist location, so it can be
>> downloaded using http.  I don't know if the r38372 is needed, as it
>> worked for me without this change.
> I think we should not add distfiles to the Subversion repository
> anymore. They take up lots of room. I could make thousands of
> portfile edits in the amount of disk space used by a single distfile.
> I would rather use 1K in the repository to add a new distfiles mirror
> to the portfile than use 5MB to store a copy of the distfile. There
> is "no way" to remove data from the repository "ever" [1] so it has
> always seemed like the wrong place to put distfiles. And thankfully
> we now have a much better solution in the distfiles mirror. I think
> the only reason to add a distfile to the repository is if the
> distfiles mirror is unable to mirror it for some technical reason,
> and that should be rare.
> I don't know if the Guide mentions putting distfiles into the
> repository, but if it does, it should be changed to talk about the
> distfiles mirror.

The distfile mirror actually got the iso-codes 3.1 tarball only an  
hour ago due to a sync issue (it still saw v2.0). I noticed Blair had  
to commit the tarball which is what prompted me to check the mirror  

But in general, I agree people should rely on that server instead of  
committing distfiles. I believe the plan is for MPWA to provide an  
upload mechanism to manually add files.

If someone has trouble getting a distfile, and the mirror also doesnt  
have it, they can submit a ticket to server/hosting and I'll try to  
get it cleaned up. Note that the servers cannot retrieve files via FTP  
either, so ports with only FTP will always be a problem, but I can  
manually add the file so there should be no permanently missing  
distfiles.  Also, please allow at least 24hr after a portfile is  
updated before complaining though, as the mirror is only updated daily.


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