Chunked guide

markd at markd at
Sun Jul 20 07:34:46 PDT 2008

>I just committed a new target "guide-chunked" to the doc-new Makefile
>generates a chunked version of the guide [1].
>I used a Tcl script to add the table of contents to each page. Please
>have a
>look at [2] and tell me what you think.
>If you like it we can activate the guide-chunked target on the
>server and make it available to everybody.

Thanks for your work on this!  That is some nice scripting work.  I think
we should make the chunked guide available now that you've got the TOC
handled.  I think the real question now is whether to keep a "single html"
version around.  The only "problem" with the chunked version is you can't
do a browser search of the whole document, but I'm not sure how many
people want that.  I can live without it.  I'd like to hear comments from

If a consensus is that keepind a "single html" version around is
desirable, I wouldn't want to make people select between two versions
before viewing, but provide a link to a "single html" version as an option
so the chunked version is the default viewing methood.


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