Conflict with /Applications/MacPorts when multiple MacPorts instances installed

Joshua Root jmr at
Wed Jul 30 07:36:29 PDT 2008

J. Lewis Muir wrote:
> Activating python25 in a second MacPorts instance fails for me when my
> first instance already contains an activated python25.
> According to
> I can install more than one MacPorts instance on the same host.
> However, when I do this and then install bzr which installs python25 in
> a second instance, I eventually get the following error output:
> Is there a way around this?  Perhaps another configure option, similar
> to the --with-tclpackage option, such as --with-apppackage is needed?  I
> could then configure my development MacPorts install with something like

The configure option you want is --with-applications-dir. A full list is 
available from './configure --help'.

- Josh

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