Conflict with /Applications/MacPorts when multiple MacPorts instances installed

Anders F Björklund afb at
Wed Jul 30 08:07:05 PDT 2008

Joshua Root wrote:

>>>> Is there a way around this?  Perhaps another configure option,  
>>>> similar
>>>> to the --with-tclpackage option, such as --with-apppackage is  
>>>> needed?  I
>>>> could then configure my development MacPorts install with  
>>>> something like
>>> The configure option you want is --with-applications-dir. A full  
>>> list is
>>> available from './configure --help'.
>> Hmm...I did that before posting and didn't see the option.  I checked
>> again to make sure and it's not listed.  I'm using MacPorts 1.6.0.
>> Maybe it's in the latest MacPorts development branch?
> Ah, sorry, you're right. That option is only present in svn trunk, not
> 1.6.0.

MacPorts installs ports in *four* different places: (default values)

- prefix (/opt/local)
- x11prefix (/usr/X11R6)
- applications-dir (/Applications/MacPorts)
- frameworks-dir (/Library/Frameworks)

Some of these were hardcoded in the previous releases, such as 1.6.0.

MacPorts "base" installs itself into:
- prefix (/opt/local)
- tclpackage (/Library/Tcl)
It's also possible to change ports-dir.


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