Conflict with /Applications/MacPorts when multiple MacPorts instances installed

Anders F Björklund afb at
Thu Jul 31 00:10:19 PDT 2008

Randall Wood wrote:

> /Applications is a magic location in Mac OS X. Unless your app is in
> /Applications, ~/Applications, or /Network/*/Applications (I'm not
> sure how the /Network domain works), certain standard Cocoa features
> (like placing items in the Services menu) will be turned off in the
> app. Since MacPorts sticks its apps in /Applications/MacPorts, its
> apps get the standard features (Fink apps don't).

Right, so we get the three settings. Four, if you count "tclpackage".
/Library/Tcl being another magic location of Mac OS X, Ticket #12943
Note that the defaults change to ~, if not installing as root user.
(i.e. ~/Applications/MacPorts, ~/Library/Frameworks, ~/Library/Tcl)

But moving frameworks to inside prefix would be a good thing anyway,
even if not able to move the other two locations due to restrictions.


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