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Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Thu Jul 31 00:46:41 PDT 2008

On Jul 30, 2008, at 11:23, markd at wrote:

>> My idea was for /docs/ to be static HTML/PHP  in the repo which
>> renders to something like:
>> Documentation:
>> 	* Installation

We currently have a standalone page:

and a Guide chapter:

and a Wiki page:

Though some users may want to install trunk, for which we a separate  

And also:

>> 	* HOWTOs

The list of how-to's is in the Wiki:

>> 	* Guide:
>> 		* Chunked HTML
>> 		* Single HTML
>> 		* a future PDF version maybe?

Yes, that would be good. Much like the Subversion project offers many  
formats of its book; see:

>> 	* FAQ

Frequently-asked questions are in the Wiki:

Though we also have the ProblemHotlist:

And LeopardProblems:

All of these should probably be regrouped as just "FAQs".

And I mentioned in an earlier thread that I think it would be a good  
idea if we would have a Wiki page to describe several of the error  
messages that a user might be expected to encounter in the course of  
using MacPorts. So an "Error Messages" menu item on the docs page  
would be good.

>> 	* Bug Reporting Guidelines

We have bug reporting guidelines in the Guide:

And also in the Wiki:

>> 	* Becoming a Member??

Good idea. We currently have these documents on that topic:

I would also want a "how to use MacPorts" document. These documents  
describe that, though probably not completely:

>> So this /docs/ page would replace several left navigation links on
>> The existing Documentation link would point to /docs/
>> and the above list.
> I like this idea.  One benefit would be that it would allow us to  
> unify
> the install information (guide & website are different), which  
> needs to be
> done anyway.

I would recommend that before we create a documentation index page,  
we consolidate our documentation and not have three or four distinct  
URLs describing the same basic things. A lot of the Guide was taken  
from Wiki pages, so the Wiki pages that the Guide obsoletes should be  
cleared of their contents and replaced with a link to the appropriate  
Guide section (after ensuring that all content from the Wiki pages  
has made it into the corresponding Guide sections).

So would list the available documentation. And  
the Guide would be where? Still at Or would it  
move to or An  
advantage I think of keeping the Guide on its own hostname is that  
you can limit a Google search to just that hostname, so you get just  
Guide results. If we move the Guide to, can  
we still make a Google search that just searches the Guide?

The wiki would stay at Or would you want it  
to move to or I'm  
not sure if we can or should move the wiki URL independent of the  
rest of the Trac URLs.

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