[macports-mgr] Re: Wiki changes not possible

Juan Manuel Palacios jmpp at macports.org
Wed May 7 09:14:04 PDT 2008

On May 7, 2008, at 3:22 AM, Florian Ebeling wrote:

>>>>> Wiki modification requires committer privileges.
>>>> I think it would benefit the project if we losen this policy.  
>>>> Nobody
>>>> applies
>>>> for commit to correct a small factual error. And it works for  
>>>> other site
>>>> quite
>>>> well. What was the name of this online encyclopedia, gain? ;)
>>> I fully agree. We should allow wiki edits for everyone logged in.  
>>> This
>>> opens up more possibilities to contribute to MacPorts, e.g. in the  
>>> howto/*
>>> section.
>>> Trac's wiki has a history, so if anyone makes "wrong" edits, we  
>>> can still
>>> revert to an earlier version.
>> I agree as well.  It certainly isnt a technical limit. Its a policy  
>> decision
>> by macports management. I can relax the requirements if they agree  
>> to it.
> Ok, then I hereby officially appeal to portmgr.
> @portmgr: Do you approve of a change to the wiki permission policy  
> to the effect
> that every logged-in user can edit?
> Florian

	With my PortMgr hat on, I'm willing to loosen up a bit on this  
particular requirement and experiment for a while to see how it goes.  
I totally love Wikipedia, but I'm sure they have many more resources  
than us to deal with the side effects of such openness, e.g. wikispam.  
So it'd be great if we could keep a close eye on the Trac timeline for  
unwanted Wiki edits, also looking out for legit edits but with  
misleading information.

	Does James have anything to say about this?



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