[macports-mgr] Re: Wiki changes not possible

Juan Manuel Palacios jmpp at macports.org
Thu May 8 01:17:30 PDT 2008

On May 7, 2008, at 5:33 PM, William Siegrist wrote:

> On May 7, 2008, at 9:50 AM, Juan Manuel Palacios wrote:
>> 	I can see mp-changes hosting these mails, but I'd actually think  
>> this list is a better choice, since these edits will mostly  
>> (hopefully) be about documentation, which is something we've always  
>> reviewed here. In any case, I have no problem with having them on  
>> mp-changes if the majority of voices speak against this list, but  
>> in such case it'd be nice having the From and Reply-To fields of  
>> each message constructed similar to how the commit logs are  
>> currently.
>> 	About the From field: everyone who edits the wiki has to be a  
>> valid registered user, with a legit address, so would it be  
>> possible to have that as the From of each of those messages (and  
>> from there on, into the Reply-To field too)? If it is, we would  
>> deal with the mailing list accepting all those messages in some  
>> smart way, but we first need to know if we can have custom From's.
> We cant set the addresses on a per-email basis. So we can just set  
> it to trac at macports.org (or whatever) and add it to the accept list  
> for -changes.  We can set the Reply-to to be -dev for discussion  
> purposes.
> -Bill

	Hoping one day we can have custom From's and Reply-To's for these  
mails, if the technical limitations aren't that great, Id' be OK with trac at macports.org 
  in From, sending to mp-changes, and mp-dev as the Reply-To.

	So, PortMgr hat back on, lets go ahead and flip this switch, lets see  
how well our users react. Thanks for bringing this subject up in the  
first place, to whoever did, can't remember any longer!



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